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At Golden Bengal Irbis Cattery, we have a clear and very personal vision.
We specialize in the pure Bengal Brown, with real leopard patterns, its wild look, and its sweet personality, without giving priority to the rosette coat (although we do take it into account for its overall appearance).

We only work with high-quality, healthy, and socialized Bengal cats, because our goal is to enhance all those structural traits that bring it closer to the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and preserve the more domestic, affectionate, and familiar character.

In short, a real mini domestic leopard.

In addition, we focus our attention and efforts on very few litters per year.
We follow a clear line of work: we prefer to dedicate ourselves to enjoying these animals and giving all our love to the little cats that accompany us in this peculiar family.

Because for us this is a passion, but a passion that will always be committed to caring for the Bengal breed from ethics, respect, and humility.