Cát Bengal Mèo Ảnh Con - Ảnh miễn phí trên Pixabay

Hello! We Are Golden Bengal Irbis Cattery

And this is our little home where we study and passionately select the Bengal cat breed in Seville.

Our passion for preserving the purest essence of this breed, as wild as it is sweet, has led us to form this welcoming and particular family.

Working For The Wildest Bengal

From the beginning, we have focused on caring for and preserving the Bengal breed.

We believe that what makes these cats so special is not simply their exotic beauty or the business that is made of it. For us, it is much more important that the purity and strength of the authentic Bengal be preserved intact. Without playing at the expense of its history or its origins.

This is a passion and we want to demonstrate it with our work. We take care of our leopard cats from birth and we love to see them grow up strong and healthy, helping them, when necessary, to find a new family that pampers them as much as they need.

For this reason, we live Golden Bengal Irbis Cattery as our grain of sand in the improvement of the breed, to ensure that our beloved Bengal cats will continue to accompany us much longer.

A Wildly Sweet Breed

For the wildest, it is a small beast. For the more homely, like us, it is one more in the family. Our children love to spend their afternoons playing with them!

We believe that they compete to see who runs out first.

Do you want to meet all the Bengal cats of Golden Bengal Irbis Cattery?