Five Fascinating Facts About the Mini Sheepadoodle

1.   Mini Sheepadoodle Are As Charming as They Appear

Obviously, you should not assume that any dog you meet on the street wants to play with you, but if you have the owner’s permission, do not hesitate and give love to these furry ones! The character of the mini Sheepadoodle is charming and they enjoy people and attention. If Sheepadoodle training is adequate, this dog can be excellent for families with young children. In addition, they usually integrate well in homes with several dogs.

2.   You’ll Have to Pay Attention to Its Huge Ears

Drooping ears are a characteristic feature of Sheepadoodles, but they require a little more maintenance than the straight ears of other dogs. Drooping ears keep extra moisture in the ear canal, while thick hair around them can accumulate dirt and debris. This combination makes the mini Sheepadoodle especially prone to ear infections. Make sure you wash the ears from time to time with the right product from your vet.

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3.   You Will Love to Exercise Once You Get a Sheepadoodle.

Want a good reason to go out for your daily dose of physical activity? So, adopt a Sheepadoodle! If you want to see your four-legged friend happy you should keep in mind that their exercise time as an adult should be at least one hour a day, and this means that their owners also have to move. Who likes long walks on the beach with their dog? To lovers of Sheepadoodle.

4.   But Mini Sheepadoodle Also Loves to Sleep!

Once you’ve managed to get him to release all his energy, this poodle cross and former English shepherd will be incredibly happy to find a place in his bed to curl up and take a nap. Or maybe he decides on the couch. Or honestly: it may end up in your lap. Personal space? These dogs are not big fans of it.

But everything has a positive side: its soft coat is the best pillow you can find.

5.   Get Ready to Learn Some New Hairstyles.

Whether you’re a “wash and go” when it comes to your dog’s grooming care or elaborate styles, becoming a Sheepadoodle owner will be like taking a quick course on practical (and often fun) canine styles. For example, you can make a high tail like the one in this photo. It’s a bit reminiscent of Pebbles Flintstones, but at the same time, it’s a handy way to remove hair from your eyes between hairdressing sessions. Great!

If you feel like spending a great time with your dog during long walks and brushing his wild hair, buying, or adopting a Sheepadoodle puppy may be just what you need. Visit a certified Sheepadoodle Rescue Wisconsin to be sure of buying a healthy dog to keep. 

Always talk to well-known Goldendoodle Wisconsin breeders beforehand to deeply understand the qualities of this adorable dog breed.