Hunter Elvin

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Elvin… I have no words to describe him… I can only say that he is the most affectionate cat in the world… he is PERFECT in every way. Strong and solid body, very proportionate and muscular. It has a lot of contrast, revealing a clear background and very well-defined rosettes in intense black. His hair is very soft and close to the body, with a lot of glitters. The distribution of rosettes is perfect, well positioned, and aligned. It has a magnificent chin, a straight profile, very round, medium-sized ears, and a thick, short tail. Elvin has obtained very good results in shows, obtaining the title of International Champion.

Black Diamond Thorin Ice Shield

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Thorin is a dream come true. He comes from Belgium. We have been looking for a kitten like him for years…until we finally found exactly what we were looking for. He is a very special cat, he is the first Bengal Snow Sepia in Spain. He is a very complete cat with extraordinary genetics. Thorin has fantastic rosettes, good distribution, and incredible contrast. His hair is silky and close to the body. His head is very wild, with a straight profile, a pronounced chin, and small, well-rounded ears. His body is solid, muscular, and large for his age, and his tail is very thick. And of his character, you can only say that he is a purring machine!! Always asking for cuddles and wanting to play. In short … he is perfect!!

Titan Hero Ambersand

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And from Germany comes this wonderful silver cat!!! His name is Titan Hero and he has come on strong. He is a very corpulent, large, and muscular cat. He has a fantastic quality of hair, short, very soft, and close to the body. He also has very good contrast, well-defined deep black rosettes, round and aligned, separated by the upper part of the spine, it is difficult to find such contrasting silver. He has a very wild head, with a slightly straight profile and a strong, well-pronounced chin. On the other hand, he has very interesting genetics, carrying Snow lynx and blue. With him, we intend to have very different litters to date, with silver, blue, brown, snow lynx, and snow mink kittens. And regarding the character, I can only say that he is a sweetie, a cat that just by looking at him can’t stop purring, he loves to be in arms and kneading at all times. From the first second, I took him in my arms, I fell madly in love with him.

Gimli The Spell

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Gim l i is pure love, he is an extremely affectionate and playful kitten. His rosettes are large, round, and very striking. The bottom of the mantle is very light, the outline of the rosette is very black, and the interior of the rosette is an intense mahogany color. His head doesn’t go unnoticed either, he has a very pronounced chin, a straight profile, medium-sized ears, and large, intense green eyes. We are sure that he will give us a lot of joy and will bring some beautiful babies, with very intense colors like his.