Indoor Installations
Largo di Torre Argentina, Cat Shelter, Rome | This cat shelt… | Flickr
Our babies are raised at home, with us and their mothers. To do this, we decided to create 3 “nursery” rooms expressly designed for them and for the different stages of growth and development. 
The green room and the pink room are designed for the first and second month of life, so they do not have high scratchers.
The orange room is designed for puppies from two months old, where they can climb higher scratchers and play. It is the largest room of the three.
Exterior Installations 
Boarding for Cats | Cattery
All cats like to sunbathe, feel the air in their whiskers, run, play, climb, chase bugs… 
For that reason, we decided to make some outdoor facilities where they could enjoy all this, without the danger that they could leave home or suffer an accident. 
For this reason, we made outdoor facilities of more than 150m2, where they could enjoy and play. These facilities are attached to the house, with access to the interior. 
Each cat flap consists of a little house, where they have their beds, scratchers, feeders, drinkers, and a stove for the winter. 
And outside, they have natural trees as scratching posts, made by us. All artificial grass and a multitude of toys. In summer we also put swimming pools where they can play and cool off.