How To Teach Your Dog or Cat To Travel By Car?

Many times we can leave them at home in the care of a family member or friend, but other times we want to include our pet as one more. But… do you know what you have to take into account when traveling with your pet? Today, we give you some tips to keep in mind about the regulations and tricks to reassure your dog during the trip.

Safe Transport For Your Pet.

When teaching your dog or cat to travel by car, a series of guidelines must be taken to ensure their safety.

Traffic regulations dictate that all our furry friends must be subject to be well protected and secured in the vehicle, thus avoiding interference with driving.

We will incorporate a separator, thus preventing our pet from causing discomfort or being able to cause some other distraction at the wheel.

On the other hand, if we are going to make a trip with our four-legged friends, we must always have their duly completed documentation available. You must always have the health card updated and stamped by a veterinarian, thus being able to travel through the European Union without any problem.

The Right System For Your Fastening.

There are several options where they can travel, counting from a harness with one and two anchors, to carriers for the ground, and also having grids in the trunk.

As we have said before, with the new regulations there is the possibility of carrying your dog on the seat so that it is securely fastened with two anchors so that it is insured.

We must also be informed that our friend can access our vehicle without any difficulty, due to the fact that he may have dizziness, which may cause him to vomit, etc. All of this must be checked by a veterinarian. Not sure if your pet is ready for a road trip? If you haven’t tried this experience yet, here are some tips that will help you get used to it.

8 Tips On How To Get Your Dog Used To Traveling By Car.

  1. Initiate him to make short trips and to destinations that he likes, such as the countryside, the beach, etc.
  2. Begin to get used to the carrier or the strap while the trip is made.
  3. Leaving you autonomy to get in and out of the car.
  4. Create a quiet environment, where there is no loud music, no voices, etc.
  5. Optimize the temperature of the vehicle so that our pet feels perfect.
  6. If the trips are very long, make stops every two hours so that you can stretch and relieve yourself.
  7. What we must always avoid is NOT leaving it alone.
  8. Try as much as possible strong air fresheners that can make them feel bad or fatigued.

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