How Should A Golden Retriever Puppy Be Fed?

The growth phase is one of the most important stages of your Golden: any nutritional imbalance in this delicate stage can have serious consequences in the future. If you are wondering how to feed your Golden Retriever puppy, follow our recommendations.

Did you know that large dog breeds reach their adult weight and maturity much later than smaller breeds?

Toy breeds can reach maturity before 8 months, while the growth and maturation phase of your Golden will last until after 14 months of age. That is why the first year of your Golden’s life is extremely important in terms of habits and feeding: adequate nutrition during this stage will turn your puppy into a healthy and strong adult!

The energy needs of a Golden Retriever puppy are proportionately greater than those of an adult Golden Retriever. Consequently, the nutritional density of their feed must also be higher. Being a large breed dog, it is vital to correctly adjust the daily caloric intake of your Golden Retriever puppy’s food. And it is that too fast growth of the puppy can cause skeletal malformations that will seriously compromise its health in the future.

Nutrients Needed

The amount of protein in your diet is also a key factor for proper development. Protein contributes to healthy muscle development and is the building block that your puppy’s body uses in order to develop. Golden Retriever puppy food must provide the right amount of protein, and it must be easily digestible.

Calcium is also an essential element for the proper growth of your puppy. It is extremely important that the levels of calcium in your diet are adequate, as both a deficit and an excess can cause skeletal malformations. Similarly, for healthy bones and joints, your Golden Retriever puppy’s dry food recipe should be formulated with a specific ratio of calcium to phosphorus. If you choose a good quality feed for your puppy, you should not give it any additional supplements, unless specifically prescribed by your veterinarian. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing imbalances in your diet.

What is the Best Food?

The best food for Golden Retriever puppies must be made up of natural and quality ingredients that provide all the essential nutrients that they need in their growth phase. All nutrients must be present in adequate amounts and be easily assimilated by your body.

Water is another thing since your dog must have fresh water available throughout the day.

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