How Do You Know If You Are Allergic To Cats?

Allergy to cats or pets in generalsuch as dogsis more common than it seemsand around 15 to 30% of the population has this condition with respect to pets.

It is worth saying that yes that allergy to cats is much more frequent than the reactions generated by dogs, and this is due to the fact that cats have higher secretions in terms of quantity of substances, substances that are allergenic for many humans.

When this allergen begins to affect our immune system, it is when a set of symptoms begin to develop that indicate the presence of a possible allergy.

What are the first symptoms when you are allergic to cats?

Cat allergy symptoms are quite similar to common allergy symptoms, such as colds, flu, or even hay fever.

The best way to determine if your allergy symptoms are caused by a cold or by being around a cat is precisely when they occur because if they are only signs that occur when you are around not only cats but also dogs, those allergy symptoms are most likely not caused by an outcome.

In any case, below, we are going to comment on the most common symptoms of allergy to cats:

  • Itching and tearing.
  • Strong sneezes.
  • runny nose
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Itchy skin, as well as in the throat, presenting in the latter case as a rough sensation.
  • Cough.

Other symptoms in more severe cases are:

  • Urticaria is basically the presence of raised, reddish spots on the skin.

Cat allergy treatments

The alternative of medications and natural remedies to combat these allergies to cats can be very helpful in relieving the symptoms that occur or reducing both dandruff and saliva particles that can trigger your reaction in the first instance.

In any case, doctors usually recommend the consumption of conventional antihistamines or decongestants as a treatment for the symptoms generated by cat allergies.

Similarly, in case the medicines from the pharmacies do not help, you can opt for immunotherapy.

Next, we are going to delve a little more into the different ways of helping to combat cat allergies:

Use of antihistamines

According to their name, antihistamines fulfill the function of blocking the effect of histamines, which are chemical substances that act to give rise to the appearance of allergy symptoms.

In general, the use of antihistamines can be given through drops, pills, and even nasal spray.

Immunotherapy treatments

Immunotherapy basically consists of receiving injections periodically, so that if you suffer from allergies, you are exposed to the allergen.

This is intended to “train” your immune system so that it doesn’t react to the allergen, gradually increasing its levels, until you reach a point where contact with your usual triggers has less of an effect.

Use of decongestants

Decongestant medications are an alternative to help shrink the swollen tissues in the nasal passages, making it easier to breathe through the nose.

Different over-the-counter allergy pills can combine the effects of antihistamines in this case, I saw those of a decongestant, you should consult the pharmacy about it.

Some home remedies to mitigate cat allergies

More than home remedies, our recommendation starts with carrying out some simple activities to reduce those problems with allergies:

In the case of nasal irrigation

In this case, you can fill a nasal irrigator or a small bottle that you can fit a saline solution in and use to get rid of all that mucus and irritants present in the sinuses.

Clean your cat
Reduce contact with the cat

To reduce the frequency and impact of cat allergy symptoms, the best thing you can do is reduce contact with the animal, of course, it may be complicated by the relationship you may have with the feline.

Similarly, when you get home after spending some time walking the streets, you should wash your clothes immediately, as there are many unexpected and fortuitous situations in that you can have contact with a cat’s fur or its allergen component.

Can our cat’s diet help reduce dandruff that causes allergies?

Diet is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect of the life of a cat, and for this specific case, there are certain foods that can cause the cat to decrease the level of allergen in its fur, in addition to the dandruff they produce.

These cat foods use a Fel d 111 antibody that can help alleviate the severity of allergic reactions to your cat’s fur.


Cats are undoubtedly an incredible company for the home, they are clean, calm, and very beautiful. But, they have different agents that can cause allergies in people, and that is why some measures must be taken in this regard.

The most advisable thing is to know how to live with the cat, especially, applying hygiene measures at home, and always having the necessary medicines within reach in case of allergy symptoms.