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First of all, a thousand thanks to Ramón and María de Leticia Bengal for giving us this authentic jewel of a kitten. Ria has a perfect coat, with completely round rosettes, separated, well distributed horizontally, without vertical bars, with a clean and very light background, thus giving it greater contrast in the coat. His hair quality is brutal, super soft, and shiny. Its head is in proportion to the body, with a short snout, a slightly curved profile, large eyes, and medium-sized ears. And her character …. is pure sweetness !!!. Daughter of super champion MW NW(18) SC Aldzheba Edward JW DVM of Leticia Bengal.


Gray Cat Photo Images | Free Photos, PNG Stickers, Wallpapers & Backgrounds - rawpixelWith Hada words are unnecessary, you only have to look at her for a minute to realize how special she is. She is perfect as far as what our criteria should be for a Bengal. She is a large cat, with a solid and strong body, a brutal quality of hair, extra short, soft, with a lot of glitter and amazing contrast. The distribution of rosettes are perfect, aligned rosettes, round and large. The tail is thick, and the head is proportionate to the body. Her character is amazing, affectionate, and super playful. Undoubtedly a highly desired addition for us, and that will undoubtedly give us a marvel of kittens. Kitten imported from Russia


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Guinda is the result of the last crossing between Bali and Elvin. She was the last gift that Bali gave us before being withdrawn from breeding, that’s where her name comes from, she is the “Guinda”. She is a wonderful cat, with a beastly contrast, an extraordinary rosette outline, and an unbeatable distribution on a very clean and light background. She has a very wild look, a very correct head, small, rounded ears, and a fabulous chin. And her character …. is a love! Super active and playful, not for a second still!


Zicki posing on the blue block | We visited the Filmtierschu… | FlickrThis Little Jewel is called Iris El Embrujo, daughter of Guinda El Embrujo and Black Diamond Thorin Ice Shield. She is a special cat, very different from the line of cats that we usually work with. Iris has a pattern of puzzle-like rosettes, fitting together. She has super nice contrast, incredible quality of hair, soft, shiny, and close to the body. She is a very corpulent and muscular cat. One of the things that most attracts her attention is her short and very thick tail. Her head is correct and proportionate, with medium-sized ears and a straight profile. She is a kitten who loves, is super active, and is playful.


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This wonder of a kitten is imported from Poland. It is a large cat, with outstanding contrast, a super thick, pronounced, and jet black rosette outline. Oreo has amazing hair quality, super soft, shiny, and close to the body. His head is very correct, with a pronounced profile. Oreo’s character is pure sweetness, cuddly, affectionate beyond measure, daring, and curious. She spends the day playing with her best friend Oassian SunShine. We hope that Oreo will bring to our breeding program a very high rosette contrast, with a thick outline just like hers. We want to thank her breeder Wojciech Edyta again for this treasure of a kitten.