The delivery process, from the moment of your birth until the day you leave our house will be, to visit the veterinarian at 30 days of age. At 45 days the weaning occurs in which you will begin to give high-quality puppy food. 15 days after weaning you will get the first trivalent vaccine and it will be repeated a month later. The kitten is delivered from 12 weeks of age, eating perfectly by himself both dry and wet food, knowing how to use the sandbox and scraper alone. This period is very important since the imprint she receives from the mother in those weeks is fundamental for the correct behavior of the kitten in her future home.

We will deliver with complete veterinary costs up to the age of delivery: veterinary card, trivalent vaccination, complete internal and external deworming, microchip, tests performed on FeLV and IVF and stool, with negative results in these diseases.

We deliver with a liability contract, conditions, recommendations, and additional health guarantees.

The kitten will be delivered with a gift starter kit, consisting of:

  • Carrier
  • Blanket
  • Kit of various toys
  • Sandbox and initiation shovel
  • Can of aqueous feed and dry feed
  • Scraper