Do you want a Bengal cat of the highest quality?

We currently have litters available. The photos of the Bengal cat puppies are yet to be uploaded since they are still very small. You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp and we will send you those photos that we have been taking in its first days of life, in this way you can anticipate the choice of your favorite Bengali kitten.

Here you have our litters with the puppies for sale in each of them. Click on the litter and you will be able to see in detail the characteristics of the puppies available for purchase as well as their photographs and videos.

Permanently updated information.


Male 1 (Available) Kitten available, to know conditions… Contact

Bengal kitten in veterinarian's hand. | Free Photo - rawpixel

Magnificent Bengali cat puppy of top quality. Since its early age, it has had an impressive rosette pattern that points to the appearance of intense and strong color with reddish mahogany tones. Its rosettes are perfectly defined XXL size and stand out on a very light background that will later change to gold. A spectacular kitten with an unusual pattern, reminiscent of the clouded leopard. Her almond-shaped eyes with greenish tones will give her a spectacular look. This leopard kitten is for that person who really wants a very special pet.

Female 2. Bengali kitten (Available)

File:Savannah Kittens F2b 1week old.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Bengal kitten female reminds us a lot of the pattern of the original Asian leopard. His mantle full of perfectly defined rosettes of medium size that cover from his shoulders to his tail offers him a very wild look. The color is already beginning to show and will end over time with intense and warm colors inside its rosettes. The face of this kitten is really sweet. Its rosettes on the back are chained which will give it enormous beauty. His character is a beauty, very good, and super honeyed. Sure to delight those who share her life with her.


Male 3. Leopard kitten for sale (Reserved)

Profile - PixaHive

Beautiful Bengal kitten with very marked medium rosettes that are homogeneous and symmetrical on both sides. The contrast is very high making your spots stand out a lot. Its color already appears intensely on the back and will slowly spread to the inside of the rosettes. Its appearance is undoubtedly that of a leopard. A very sweet kitten with a mask on her precious and very marked tasting. A spectacular kitten for those who want a pet that really looks like a leopard.


Female 4. Bengali Cat (Reserved)

2011-08-30 (4) | Harlan and the spotted belly. | Robyn Anderson | Flickr

Spectacular Bengal kitten with medium rosettes perfectly highlighted and closed by a line or profiling of abundant and intense black. Its color is marvelous with deep reddish tones that, including the very high contrast, will make it a truly special pet. His face is beautiful with a nice mask around his eyes just like his predecessor the leopard. This kitten is one of those that if they are pretty now, in a few months she will be one of those that you cannot stop looking at because of her great beauty.